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Clip-in veneers

If you know that you want to do something to change the way that your smile looks, you may be confused about whether you would like to go for veneers or clip-on veneers – both of which will be able to transform your smile in amazing ways. There are positive and negative points to both options, and it will be very much up to you to decide which one would be the best choice for you. With this in mind, this article has taken some of the key differences and outlined them, giving you a great chance of understanding them better.

The permanence

The first thing that you should think about, and probably the most important, is the fact that veneers are permanent. Because you need to have some of the enamel taken off your teeth in order to have them fitted, you won’t simply be able to take them off again if you change your mind. Clip-in veneers however are very much temporary, and this means that you only ever have to wear them for the times and the situations that suit you the most.

Targeted change

If you have veneers, you will be able to have them placed on only the teeth that you have a problem with, which means that you probably wouldn’t have them on your whole set. With clip-on veneers however, it can be obvious if you only choose to target one or two teeth, and for this reason people usually choose to simply have the whole set done instead.

The way they feel

There is no doubt that veneers can feel natural, as they are so thin and directly attached to your teeth in place of some of the enamel that would have been there before. You can eat and drink exactly the same as you always would, and there is a huge chance that you won’t even realise that they are there after a while. With clip-ons however, it can take a little more getting used to. Because of the fact that they can clip in and out of your mouth, it may feel strange to eat with them at first, but you should find that you get used to it over time.

The cost

Veneers cost more, but at the same time they should also need to be maintained much less, so you can’t really think about just cost alone. Clip-on veneers are a much more affordable option, so if you know that you want to make a change to the way your smile looks, without having to shell out a huge amount of money, this could be the best thing to do.

Clip In Veneers Cost?

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer, as the choice is very much something that is personal to the individual making it. However, it is always important that you take plenty of time to consider your options, as the choices you make now could have a huge impact on the way that your smile looks for many years to come.